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Peygamber'in Son Beş Günü, sürekli bir bölünmenin öyküsü. Devrimci ozan Rahmi Sönmez, takma adıyla Peygamber, bir kış akşamı, İstanbul'un Taksim alanında, arkasından kimsenin gelmediğini bile bile, en önden gidiyormuş gibi bir duygu içinde yürür. Bu yürüyüş bir bakıma onun bütün yaşamını özetler. Hep en önde olduğunu, hep ileriye doğru gittiğini sanırken, yaşamın dışına sürüklenir, gerisinde kalır. Hep çevresindekilerle kaynaşmak istemiş, ama onlar kendisini şu ya government bu biçimde yarı yolda bırakmışlardır. Gerçek devrimci ozanlar arasına katılmasını sağlayacak tabutluklar düşleyip durmuş, ama evinde bir tür tutuklu yaşamı sürdürmüştür. Bir yarı bilinç içinde geçen son beş gününde ise, düşlerini gerçekleştirdiğini sanır, ama yalnızca yıkılışlarını yaşar. Böylece, gülünç ile acıklının iç içe girdiği bir döngü içinde, sürekli bir bölünme olur yaşamı. .

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Peygamberin Son Beş Günü


Panem is the new name for what’s left of North America. This country is divided into twelve districts—previously thirteen—wherein each district is responsible for a single kind of industry. Yearly, the Hunger Games is conducted, which is a game broadcasted in national television where each district has two representatives—a boy and a girl. The players fight for the title of being the victor, and to become the victor, one must fight to death. The Hunger Games is a haunting but at the same time thrilling story about Katniss Everdeen, a heroine who is easily loved by everyone. She has a strong and resilient spirit, she has a talent for bows and arrows, and she has an admirably strong passion for her sister, Prim. It is a very unique take on our future. The dystopian society where Katniss lives in urges a sense of sympathy from the readers. It makes the readers thirst for justice for all the people who suffer under the dictatorship of the Capitol. It has a great impact on the readers, and this book might have been actually written to awaken the sense of justice of the people in certain nations. And this awakening was effectively done by the author. The storyline really is amazing. I wonder how Collins thought of the idea for this book. It is genuine, and fresh. I think it was The Hunger Games that started the dystopian bandwagon. And really, it feels very realistic, because dictatorship has known to have happened several times in history. We all know that it is a very big temptation to all the political leaders, and Collins focused on that idea and made it a very tangible possibility. One other thing that she made the readers see is the stark and grim possibility that The Hunger Games may very well happen in the future generations. We are now very fond of reality shows such as Survivor, and The Amazing Race, and our interests may evolve into something like that of The Hunger Games. The story spanned only a total of around fifteen days, but so many things happened within that time frame. Every hour was essential to the story. It was filled with action so raw it leaves me gasping and on the edge of my seat. All the twists the story offered were unpredictable, and they always elicit a violent reaction from me, whether they are positive or negative. That’s how affected I was by the story. And even though the story was stretched over a period of more than two weeks, it was still amazingly quick-paced, especially the second part of the story. There was never a slow part nor a boring part in this book. The narration is very dynamic. Many scenes have given me goosebumps because of the raw emotion running underneath the surface of the story. Many scenes have brought tears to my eyes because of the blunt and straightforward jab of emotions that seem to have sucker punched me. Many scenes have inspired me to stand up and be heard, because of the rebellion and the resiliency of the characters even under duress and under the pressure to bend to an irrational iron hand. The imagery is perfect, too. I can easily imagine the scenes in my head, and I can feel the atmosphere reverberating right out of the pages, bringing color to the pictures in my imagination—breathing life to them. I also like how Collins used the atmosphere of the story to give us further insight about how Katniss sees things. The atmosphere is usually grim and cynical, and that is how I imagine Katniss, as she was shaped by the environment she grew up in and the hardships she faced at such a young age. I love how Collins established her characters. Katniss is such a strong character. I like the fact that Katniss isn’t perfect. One of her flaws is that there are times when she becomes merciless, and she doesn’t hesitate to go for the kill. It’s fine with me because it’s not like it’s a psychotic tendency of hers. She just grew up in a world where the people are forced to take what fate throws at them, no matter how bad it is, and still not complain about it. She opened her eyes in a world that is cruel and merciless, and so she is forced to live with it. On the other hand, I love Peeta Mellark, too, for his sincerity, his purity, and his utter and simple kindness. He has such a good and pure soul, I don’t know if people like him still exist. Still, I admire him. I guess he was made to be in stark contrast to Katniss’ persona, and it is a beautiful contrast. And the love story is admittedly scarce, almost non-existent, which is just the right dose for this book. It works out fantastically, because romance would not do well with the theme of this first book, and it would not work out with Katniss. It would seem weird and out of place in this novel. I love this book very much. It tops my list of favorite novels. It made me feel so many things. As the Hunger Games was announced to begin, a ripple of fear mixed with anticipation went through me. I felt it deep in my bones. I like how Suzanne Collins easily connects with me—makes me feel the emotions she wants me to feel with such stunning intensity. She is a very good author, because making a connection with the reader is very hard, and I’ve read only a few authors who were able to connect with me, one of which is J.K. Rowling. I think that The Hunger Games is worthy of being a classic. It is a wonderful book that has an amazing storyline and was magnificently written. There was never a dull part in the story. This book got me totally hooked, and I love reading it over and over again. It has taught me many things, and made me feel many emotions.

2020-09-05 16:24


I don't have the background to properly comment on the science, but it was mostly clearly presented. The solutions to the irreducible complexity issue haven't quite sat right with me, but they're neither as illogical or damning as Behe thinks they are. Behe does do a good job presenting his arguments both against Darwin and for intelligent design on the basis of science and not religion or philosophy. Behe presents a strong case, but he makes a couple fundamental errors. First, simply because something appears to be designed doesn't make it so (it might make it reasonable to believe in a designer, but that doesn't *prove* the designer exists). Second, there's some misuse of the panda's thumb and the anthropic theory here (and, in a sense, multiverse ideas). The big failure Behe has is his attempt in the final chapter to redefine the goals and limits of science. While I believe it's proper and good for scientists, as people, to look beyond the realm of the natural, to ignore the need for falsifiable claims, to be open to religious/spiritual answers, etc., it doesn't make that work and thought strictly "scientific." It's metaphysical, and that's fantastic -- I'd love to see more people making hard, concrete cases for something like intelligent design. But it's wrong to think that it's an error to do those things in the name of science. One of the strengths of Behe's work is pointing out that belief in intelligent design, creationism, etc. is not inherently foolish or irrational (nor does it always go hand in hand with young earth theories, etc.). On that level, it's a great success, but Behe ultimately doesn't pull off as much as he intends to.

2020-08-20 15:57

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