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KİBARLIK BUDALASI Komediyi “insanlara verdiği hoş derslerle onların kusurlarını ele alan ustalıkla yazılmış şirsel bir anlatı” olarak tanımlayan Moliére, Kibarlık Budalası adlı yapıtında, kendini beğenmişlik duygusunu işliyor. Yine evrensel komik ve klasik.

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Erdrich just keeps churning them out. that may sound dismissive but what i really mean to comment on is her committment to writing. while the rich and vast landscape of her 'BIG' novels like The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse and The Master Butcher's Singing Club are my favourites, i am so impressed with how much story Erdrich includes in this slim novel. a family coming apart at the seams. an obsessive love. the relationship of an artist to the world. the parellel between artist George Catlin and his work with the dying tribes of Native Americans and the relationship between the artist and his muse - a woman who is also his wife and mother of his children. the children caught. watching. waiting. wondering. the stark contrast of the external and media-enhanced image and the real-life behind-closed-doors reality of a marriage, that parallels Irene's two diaries - one for the consumption of her husband and one completely private. all of this and more Erdrich brings alive, AND finds the perfect title - the perfect metaphor - for this terse and compact book. i think Erdrich perfectly captures the stereotypical artist. the artist who uses everything - every thing - in his work. who needs external stimulus; needs intensity to fuel his work. Gil is the embodiment of the idea that you can be an artist or you can be happy - you can't be both. she perfectly captures his cruelty, his selfishness and illustrates how this is destroying his family while propelling his career. the sad thing is how, when he does try to be a good father and husband, his methods are so off-base. he really has no idea how to love people, and for those caught in his gravitational pull - so perfectly described by Florian - it makes life impossible. you can't get close but you can't escape.

2022-09-16 06:05


These books were introduced to me by the Author of the Wings series I like. They fall into the same category (fairies and fantasy). I liked the way it turned out. And it wasn't too hard for me to believe or understand. Always a good thing in a fantasy book. :)

2020-08-25 18:40

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