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Cypher (Şifre Çözücü) Morgan Sulivan, mutsuz evliliği ve sıkıcı yaşantısını değiştirmek isteyen bir muhasebecidir. Bir gün karşısına DigiCorp isimli şirket için endüstriyel casusluk yapma fırsatı çıkar. Yeni bir kimlik verilen Morgan, çeşitli fuar ve seminerlere katılarak firmalar ve ürünleri hakında gizli bilgiler toplamaktadır. Bu görevlerinden birinde tanıştığı Rita adlı güzel ve çekici kadın, ona aslında DigiCorp’un sahte görevlerle ajanlarının beynini yıkamakta olduğunu açıklar. Rita, Morgan’ı bir başka ajan olan Outspoken Caloway ile tanıştırır ve DigiCorp’un rakibi olan Sunways’le çalışması teklif edilir. Artık Morgan, çift taraflı bir ajan olmuştur. Fakat içine düştüğü bu karmaşık durum, hayatını bir kabusa çevirmiştir. Rita ve onun gizemli patronu Sebastian Roks’un yönlendirmeleriyle son görevini başarabilirse kurtulacağını umaktadır.

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Cypher (Şifre Çözücü)


From the moment I saw the strikingly impressive front cover of: Sons of Avalon, Merlin’s Prophecy, the exhilaration of this enchanting tale began. Dee Marie’s solid grasp of the wondrous medieval time period; Arthurian, is highly evident as she takes us (readers) on a non-stop exciting tale. From the mystifying birth of Merlin, I was drawn into the magic. Dee Marie is successful in combining both early British history and mythical characters, masterfully weaved and brought to life. Merlin is no ordinary child, and throughout the tale he uncovers his life’s purpose, while coming to terms with his special powers. I experienced the bloodiness of the battlefields, love, and humor infused in this captivating story. Sons of Avalon is not just a thrilling page turner, it is, a journey which is guaranteed to leave you anxiously awaiting the second book in the series – Absolutely Outstanding!

2022-09-01 12:59


I. f'n adore these men. As far as I'm concerned I AM one of these men. (Only the godforsaken tundra I explore is urban U.S) I don't want to hear any of your goddimmed complaints until you've been stranded on South Georgia Island living in wet clothing on a diet of seal, penguin then penguin and seal, looking forward to a period of immobilty so that nothing of your nerves picks up information of icy damp material touching raw, chafed, bruised skin... And you know, all of that and they still held their 'spirits'. Because what is the frigging point of complaining, EVER? Even they, no ship, frozen, hungry, hurt recognizing their having made a choice about being where they are know its now STILL their choice about what to do with the situation they meet. And then you hear people bitching about their feet hurt cause the impossible shoes they chose to wear to lap the mall are chafing the pedicure. Contempt!!! Not that I care that much. The book is excellent, a bit magaziney.

2020-09-16 10:54


So this is where it all ends. Well. So I'm kind of two minds regarding this concluding installment--one the one hand, it was nice to see Meyer expand her universe (frankly, she shows here that she could make an entire career of peddling spin-offs of the mythology unveiled here), and she does manage a stirring grand finale. BUT. In the first half of the novel there's finally some sex, and it's laughable, almost embarrassing in its awkwardness--for the first time in this entire series, I honestly considered abandoning ship. And by the end I missed the simplicity of the first novel--there was a magic there that never quite recaptured again. But what can I say? I enjoyed the series. Is it Art? Of course not. But if it had tried to be, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much.

2020-08-23 11:30


It takes a strong stomach to make it to the end. Fascinating and repulsive.

2020-08-15 16:23


Russo tarafından son derece komik hale gelen orta yaşlı bir erkek profesörün ve hayatının hikayesi. Bunu okurken kız kardeşimle seyahat ettikten ve sürekli kahkahalarla yüksek sesle dinledikten sonra okudum. Bu da o zamanlar biraz sinir bozucuydu ama kendimi aynı şeyi yaparken buldum.

2019-12-22 11:23

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